Hilton Bespoke

About Hilton Bespoke

Hilton Bespoke, the definition of the word bespoke comes from bespoken giving the characteristic of choice. This in tailoring terms means to design clothing from a blank canvas, the client adding his own individual choice of styling to those of the skilled cutter. The cutter will work in tangent with the client's waistcoat maker, coatmaker and trousers maker adjusting the pattern at the various stages of making thus creating the perfect paper pattern.

'Bespoke' refers to the time-honored craft of making garments one at a time from a pattern created specifically for each client. Bespoke tailoring distinguishes MyTailor as a superior purveyor of custom men’s clothing. We treat each client individually, taking the time and care to create a 100% custom fit in every detail.

Founded in 1969 by master tailor Joseph De’ Souza, the company has grown from strength to strength and continues to evolve.

Pursuing his passion from an early age, Joseph taught himself the art of ‘cutting’ and quickly developed his talent. Over the years, his meticulous nature has helped him work his way to the top of his profession.

The company has a selection of master craftsmen who work diligently to produce a product that both they and the customers can be proud of. Each of the 50 members of staff has been taught by Mr De’ Souza himself, ensuring that the customer is guaranteed perfection.

Hilton Tailors operates like an efficient machine made of individual components that seamlessly work together to serve a purpose … customer satisfaction. Each tailor has a different specialty to maintain the highest levels of quality.

Specialising in bespoke tailoring, the company has gained an unparalleled reputation for quality and service. Flawless craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail and passion about profession are just a few reasons to remember the name Hilton Tailors.