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TVicuña is Loro Piana’s most exclusive offering. Once reserved solely for the Incan emperor, today Loro Piana crafts this sublime fibre into a limited series of certified garments and fabrics.

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Reda products stand out for quality, luxury and sophistication and are the fabrics of choice for the most important international fashion houses. Reda is an emblem of Italian expertise, combining craft traditions and technological innovation for the best results at all times.

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Top quality Merino wool, Mongolian cashmere, Egyptian cotton, as well as linen, silk and other fibres. Inspiration, elegance and refinement; fancy sophisticated designs, sometimes also colorful; comfort and drape are all direct results of the best raw materials.

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In the last years Trabaldo Togna committed itself on several side such as technology and productivity to obtain a fabric unique in the world. Find out the performances of Estrato, the 100% natural fabric, in its seven lines.

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In 1842, Jules Dormeuil created a family business that would soon become world leader in supplying luxury fine cloths. For 170 years, The House of Dormeuil has developed timeless and iconic fabrics that have cemented the Company’s reputation across all five continents.

From Kings to Presidents, Hollywood to connoisseurs, Dormeuil continues to dress the world’s elite with timeless British elegance.

Today, Dormeuil fits comfortably into the world of contemporary luxury, pioneering innovative cloths using the world’s finest and rarest natural fibres. Dormeuil’s collections include the exquisite Haute Couture range that continues to tempt leading fashion houses of our time while also offering limited edition cloths for the extraordinary.

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Drado Biella is the leading manufacturer of high quality textiles. A journey through Augmented Reality will enable you to discover the source of the material's quality and the passion for wearing an authentic made in Italy.

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Since 1663 the best fabrics for tailor-made suits.Vitale Barberis Canonico is an Italian fabric mill established in 1663 located about 50 miles north of Milan in the northern Biella region. Fracesco Vitale Barberis is the current creative director. Its largest customer is the Italian fabric mill and luxury menswear fashion house Ermenegildo Zegna. Vitale Barberis Canonico has remained a family-owned business for 15 generations.

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Our mission is to constantly create and innovate and as modern alchemist, to always exhalt the natural beauty of the raw materials used. We work to convey in our products the historical savoir-faire of the manufacturing of top level fabrics. Creativity is at the base of the development of every single quality and serves to express our style by creating trendy fabrics rich in personality and charm. Our aim it to produce modern top quality fabrics by putting our history at the service of today’s needs.

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From the banks of the lake precious fabrics exported throughout the world

The enchanting shores of the Lake Lugano on the Italian side provided the ideal landscape for the creative mind underpinning the foundation of the mill E.Thomas, established by Mr. Ernesto Thomas in Brusimpiano in 1922.

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SÖKTAŞ is a specialist maker and supplier of cotton and cotton blended shirtings and more recently jacket & trouser fabrics that offers luxury at every level. Our customer focused set up allows us to meet your every need from design, quality, finish, exclusivity, usability, delivery deadlines and orders that range from minuscule to major. Our innovative research, development, design, presentation and archiving capabilities, with over 300,000 fabrics at our fingertips, keep our customers ahead of the industry and abreast of trends.

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Since 1876, our commitment and our ambition is to create the most beautiful fabrics in the world.

20,000 new variations of fabric every year enrich the offer of the Albini Group in the different brands: Albini, Albini Donna,Thomas Mason and Albiate 1830.

Albini Group fabric proposal consists of more than 20,000 variations and develops in its different brands, capable of responding to the needs of each market.

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Collection, Silverline and Goldline are the collection of the English brand Thomas Mason. The collection is constantly renewed; it is distinguished by its style and made with the very best Egyptian two-fold yarns.

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We are shoemakers, as our father was, and his father before him. It's in our blood. We have known it our entire lives. I still remember when my dad first took us to visit the factory - the sound of whirling sewing machines, and the smacks of hammers filled the air while men and women carefully packaged the polished shoes into their new green boxes.

Pascual, my father, learned shoemaking from my grandfather at a young age. It is an exacting craft not suited for the impatient. He thrived on its precise nature and the satisfaction of turning a sketch into a gentleman's favorite pair of shoes. Pascual's drive for perfection motivated him to become head designer before turning 20-years old. Under his leadership and fueled with a passion for creating a line of shoes more elegant and luxurious than ever before, Pascual rebranded the company under a new name, Magnanni.

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Dreams, based on effort and passion, can be fulfilled. Proof of this is that we are the third generation of a family that at the beginning of the 60s began working in well-kept collections of men's footwear. The illusion of a small project took the name of Zampiere, and to this day we continue creating under the same stamp exquisite finishes and renewed lines that add a differential value to our shoes in national and international markets.

Each season we sit down with enthusiasm in front of the work table with the aim of converting a simple sketch into our clients' favorite footwear. Through the quality of the materials, the production processes and the design, we have managed to take the luxury to the feet and consolidate the "Zampiere universe".

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Calce is a family business that has been making shoes for an elegant man since 1959. Focusing on a good adaptation to change for several generations has allowed us to grow and improve our company.

This concept accompanies every shoe we make, both at a technical level where we have expert workers in the field and in the choice of the highest quality leathers.

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Saphir which was awarded the Medaille D’or (gold medal) in Paris in 1925 for the quality of its leather care products, offers a complete and unmatched range. This is the result of a constant and tight collaboration with the greatest brands in leather goods and footwear. Our materials are chosen for their efficiency, we use natural products: essence of Turpentine, Bees wax, Carnauba wax, Lanolin, Mink oil, Neatsfoot, vegetal materials….it is thus that the greatest boot and leather manufacturers use Saphir Medaillle D’or on their leathers. It is possible to maintain the original patina of your leathers, while keeping the vagaries of time and taking advantage of the many years of expert craftsmanship.

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The quality in the selection of the raw materials, an impeccable finish of the product, a marked artisan character and an exclusive design are the keys that explain the success that Miguel Bellido S.A. has had from the start.

OLIMPO, brand owned by Miguel Bellido S.A. is manufactured in our facilities in Spain, in which our entire human team work in a pleasant space, maintaining the values and philosophy.

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It is not due to only one particular sign, but it is due to the union of several touches of craftsmanship, starting from the choice of a high quality fabric.

The selection of the design, its placement, the creation of the model for the frame or the preparation to the printing are only the first steps for the great success.

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A lawyer with the vice of marketing and management and an architect designer with a great passion for fashion, in love in the real life, together at work to create Fefè . A simple and full name, but also self-ironic and ambitious, noble and ‘guappo’ at the same time, above all strongly Neapolitan.

The Fefè from the beginning watch the market almost like a challenge, a game of challenges, glimpsed the possibility of including in the context of fashion an extremely simple and in the meanwhile incredibly sophisticated product: pocketsquares of the classical tradition, revisited in a modern version, revolutionized in the style, in presentation, in essence, pocketsquares of the highest quality combined with innovative, conceptual and experimental designs and colours.

By this time, completed the entire project and launch phase, the real adventure begins among the leading Italian weavers, the discovery of the most precious silks, visits made to dozens of master craftsmen and thoroughbred tailors with the main intent to start a project based on strong roots, the highest standards, all made in Italy that would wink the major fashion giants.

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